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Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Move

My wife and I decided to move across the states.  We had new jobs set up and we will be nearer my two sons who are in college there.

I have a passion for old autos, retro cars.  I own a 1960’s Ford Mustang, and a 1950’s Pontiac and Chevrolet.  I have devoted hours to these.  I want the three vehicles to get to their new destination with- out the smallest scratch on them.  We have a large Ford SUV which we will drive over, following all our house belongings.  I wanted the best for my cars at a reasonable price.

Moving a Vehicle


There are many options for moving vehicles long distances.  So I was spoilt for choice.  I went about making my decision like this.

You really check carefully online. You look at the prices and the services.  You look at each companies rating.  You also listen to what people tell you.  People you can trust.  Be very clear what services they have to offer.  Also, you ask if they will take proper care of your vehicle.  This was a very big consideration in my case.

I looked for closed trucks.  I wanted my moving trucks to fully protect my price collection. This was a more expensive option, but I looked carefully at both cost and the quality of the service, before making a recommendation.

Some companies have a terminal or a base where you collect your vehicles when it arrives at its destination. Otherwise, they provide a door to door service. This was a hard decision to take. As I was moving quite near to their terminal, I decided to take that option.  I wanted to check each car thoroughly first.

Moving Trucks

My wife and I had a full checklist ready for moving house.  I had one as well, for the auto removals.

There was how they were going to move each vehicle and store them securely in the moving trucks during transportation. Did they have an online tracking system?

My other big worry was insurance and possible damages. What insurance cover did they have?  Would they acknowledge the fact there could be damages during the trip? What reimbursement and repair policy did they have?  All of their documentation had to be looked at very carefully.  Then there are concerns about wanting to change the company and getting your deposit returned. If they do not deliver on time?  If they are late?  Are there any new charges or taxes to pay?  Yes, this is a lot of work.  If you want valuable properties delivered to you intact, you have to do all this work. Tough, but necessary.