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Moving Articles

  • Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Move

    My wife and I decided to move across the states.  We had new jobs set up and we will be nearer my two sons who are in college there. I have a passion for old autos, retro cars.  I own a 1960’s Ford Mustang, and a 1950’s Pontiac and Chevrolet.  I have devoted hours to these.  I want the three vehicles to get to their new destination with- out the smallest scratch on them.  We have a large Ford SUV which we will drive over, following all our house belongings.  I wanted the best

  • How Much Money Do I Need For Moving Services?

    If you’re planning on hiring a moving service provider, then there are a lot of things you need to consider. First, the estimated weight of all of the belongings you are going to move. Moving companies calculate the amount according to weight and distance. You also need to decide which services you are going to avail of. Are you going to avail for packing and unpacking services or just vehicle transport services? But before everything else, the important thing to be aware of is the service price